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In modern days, millwright is a craftsman or tradesman specializing in leveling, aligning and installing machinery on foundations or base plates. Their duties vary depending on whether they are unionized or not. Nowadays, they usually work with steel and other materials. They combine the skills of other mechanical trades in order to successfully install and assemble machines from pre-fabricated parts. They must also know how to read blueprints and schematics for the construction of complex systems.

What is Millwright?

In older times, millwright is a carpenter specializing in driveshafts, bearings, gearing and mechanical belts. During that time they only build watermills and windmills that were mostly made of wood with limited metal parts. They were carpenters specializing in machines used in agriculture, food processing and processing lumber and paper. But later on, during the early Industrial Revolution, their skills were used in building services to power the early textile mills.

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Responsibilities and duties

A millwright is someone who is responsible in maintaining, repairing or constructing industrial machineries for assembly lines, pumping stations, other utilities and other industries that deals with heavy machinery. They are usually responsible to assemble equipments once it arrives on the site.


In order to assemble machineries, a millwright must know how to read and understand blueprints and must be knowledgeable to technical terms and instructions. They must also know how to read schematic drawings to be able to determine the work procedures for constructing foundations and in assembling or dismantling overhaul machineries and equipments.

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Accelerated Welding & Fabrication had been providing Millwright services for over 40 years. We are a union experienced company that specializes in installing, maintaining, upgrading and fabricating equipments.


Our staff are well-trained and educated through apprenticeship programs. During these programs, they receive a combination of classroom and on-the-job training education that usually last for 4 years. Each millwright in Accelerated Welding & Fabrication is well equipped with knowledge, education and experience so you can be sure that each job will be done properly and within quality standards.

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